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K.Air product info - October 6th 2023

K.Air product info - October 6th 2023

This week again, our developers continue their marathon to offer you even more customization in your training courses!

Module colors: get your brushes ready!

It's no longer 1, 2, 3... but 28 colors you can customize! 💥
Video player, interactive targets, popups, educational activities... now can control everything!

This option is also available in your organization settings, allowing you to choose the default appearance for all your new modules.

Organization settings: custom fonts

Similarly, custom fonts can now be set from your organization settings. As a result, your font will be automatically added to every new module you create.

Advanced crossroads: more customization

Following our latest update on the appearance of overlays, it's now time for the branching system to get a facelift!

From now on, in advanced crossroads, you'll be able to adjust the roundness of corners, add a border and a drop shadow to your choices buttons.

That's all for this news, see you soon on K.Air!

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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