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Customize the player with my brand colors and fonts

After creating the general information of my module in Settings, I can customize the player to my image.

1) The choice of colors :

Here, I customize my user space with the colors of the company:

The main color: this is the color of the timeline of my video, the color of the hotspots and the color of the pop up of the hotspots. In our example, red.

The secondary color: green in our example, is found around the hotspots on the screen (the hourglass).

The controls color : it's the color of the control icons of the player, white in our example.

To choose my own color, I move my mouse over the main color, the secondary color or the control color, and :

- I enter the Hex code or the RGBA code of my color

- or, I choose directly a color from the proposed palette

- or, I choose a color thanks to the color charts.

2) The choice of the font :

Here, I can import the font of my graphic charter:

Paragraph: the font I choose here will be used automatically for all my text content (it will be found under the name "custom font" in the font drop-down menu)

Bold: I can put here the font of my graphic charter in bold, or I can choose to define a secondary default font.

I can also customize the player with my logo.

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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