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How to edit my AI (GPT) video?

How to edit my AI (GPT) video?

After you've generated your video using the AI (GPT) Video Generation feature in the K.Movie Editor, you can make further improvements to your video by adding animation effects, modifying text, and replacing video or image objects.

Editing text

Select a text object on the Timeline and the Style tab on the right side of your screen will be shown. In the Style tab, you can further customize your text.

Editing Subtitles

Similar to text, you simply select the subtitle object on the Timeline. The subtitle properties will be shown in the Properties panel, where you can change their styling. To edit subtitle content, double-click the subtitle on the Stage and change the text. You can add new subtitles by clicking "Add Subtitle" below the Timeline.

Editing video and image objects

Select a video or image object on the Stage or the Timeline. You can add filters, masks and much more in the Properties panel, under the Style tab. For video objects, the Playback tab lets you adjust the play speed and volume of your video.

Editing sound objects and music

Select the sound or music object on the Timeline. This will open the Sound tab in the Properties panel.
You can adjust the speed and volume of the audio object.

Adding animation

Select the object you’d like to add animation to. Click “Add animation” below the Timeline. You can further edit the applied animation effect under the Animation tab in the Properties panel.

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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