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How to use the Text-to-video generation feature?

How to use the Text-to-video generation feature?

Instructions on how to generate a video automatically using text.

The text-to-video feature allows you to quickly generate videos based on text or a link to a webpage.

How does it work?

Step 1: Go to the Toolkit tab and choose Text-to-video generation.

Step 2: Choose a title for the video, and add your text in the designated box below (max 2000 words).

There are two possible options to generate a video from.

Text to video

Webpage to video

Alternatively, you can choose a webpage and convert it into a video.

Choose a title, select the desired language, then simply enter the URL of the webpage you'd like to convert.

Next, click summarize to generate your script

Step 3: After the webpage is converted into text you can make further adjustments to the summary and click 'Convert to Clips'.

Step 4: You now view your proposed arrangement of clips and additional settings for your text and visuals.

You can further adjust your text for each clip here and decide if you'd like to have your text visible on screen and/or seen as 'Subtitles'.

No visuals: this will give you a blank video with just the clips and text where you can choose your own visuals.
iStock videos: This will automatically pick video clips from the iStock library.
iStock images: Images picked from the iStock library.
Unsplash images: Images picked from the Unsplash library.

Step 5: Click 'select clip style' to continue.

Text Style animations and audio settings

Finally, choose your text style, and add Background music and scene animations.

Step 6: Click 'Create video' to start generating your video.

Your video will be created, you make further changes to your videos. If you are satisfied with the result you can save your project and render into a video.

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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