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How to generate a SCORM package of my module?

Once your module is complete, you go to the Export tab.

The SCORM version

You have to chose between 2004 and 1.2, the SCORM 1.2 version being the most stable version. Do not hesitate to contact your technical manager or your LMS platform manager to find out which version of SCORM is compatible.

The Language

It must be specified here to be taken into account on the LMS platform.

The Default quality

You enter the default quality you want for your export (here 720p).

The Available qualities

You check the different qualities of your export and then you check the different export qualities you want for your package. 

NB: If you choose the 4 qualities, your package will contain the 4 qualities of video and this will allow the video to adapt itself according to the bandwidth of the person viewing the video.  

Be careful though, the more qualities you chose to export, the heavier your package will be and some LMS platforms limit the size of the accepted packages. On the right side, you can see the estimated size of your final package to the nearest 10 Mb.

The Target score (or Mastery Score)

This is the score to be reached to validate a course. It is generally 80% but is at your discretion depending on your modules.

The Score regression

You can check "no score regression" if you want to keep only the best score achieved by the learner on this module. If you make a score of 80 on your first try, then 60, the information returned will be 80. If you don't check this option, only the last score will be retrieved, in our example 60.

The Pedagogical objectives and the Description

Please note that these are mandatory fields in your SCORM package!


The Module Version

This is simply an indication of the number of SCORM exports made from this module. You can enter versions 1, 1.1, 1.2 if you make several exports of the same module. This is useful if you make several exports for different audiences.

The Subtitles

Subtitles are exported by default in .srt. Be careful, some LMS platforms only accept .txt subtitles. In this case, you can check the box Subtitles in .txt format.

Sending the score only at the end of the module

This is also a feature of some LMS (like Syfadis). You have to check this box if you want to send the score only at the end of the module.

To export your finalized package, you have to click on Record SCORM info then on Export.

A zipped file is automatically downloaded containing all the files needed to import your module on your LMS platform. 

If you can't export your SCORM package, you can consult this article:

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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