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Create a "Quiz" hotspot

In my chapter, in the INTERACTIVE HOTSPOTS section, I choose the Quiz.

The Quiz allows you to ask a question with a choice of up to 5 answers.

I fill in my question.

To "dress up" the question, I can place an image next to the question in the section Add from the library.

I then fill in the answers to my quiz, checking correct answer for the solution of my quiz. If I choose only one correct answer, the quiz will automatically switch to SAQ. If I choose more than one correct answer, it will automatically go to MCQ.

NB: Answers can be displayed in text, image or text and image format.
Here is an example:

In this example, the illustration image is 469x627 and the icons for the answers are 512x512.

For more information on the different quiz settings, see the following articles:

Add multiple questions to my quiz
Weight my questions
Randomize my quiz questions
Show and set the end of quiz screen

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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