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Enable automatic opening of my hotspot

For each hotspot, you can decide to let the learner choose whether or not to open interactive content. This is the default target configuration.

Alternatively, you can activate the automatic opening of hotspots, which can be set individually for each hotspot. So, if the learner doesn't click on the hotspot when it appears on the screen, the hotspot will still open when the hourglass runs out. To do this, you have to check "Automatic opening".

This allows you to force your learners to view your interactive hotspots, whether your modules are in free, semi-locked or locked navigation.
To find out which type of navigation to choose, click here: Which navigation type to choose

NB: It may be necessary to activate the automatic opening of hotspots when they are invisible on screen and on the timeline.
To see how to make a hotspot invisible, click here: Make a hotspot invisible.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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