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What type of navigation should you choose?

In the "Preferences" tab, you can choose between 3 types of navigation. Which one should you choose?

- Free navigation: if you want your learners to be able to rewind and fast-forward through the video, and choose which chapter they want to view (in the case of a linear module).

This is the type of navigation we recommend!

- Semi-locked navigation: if you don't want your learners to be able to fast-forward through the video, but want them to be able to go back to review a passage in the video or a previous chapter.

This type of navigation should be considered when designing mandatory training courses.

- Locked navigation: if you don't want your learners to be able to move around the video manually at all, they'll have to follow the chapter order you've established.

Locked navigation is the navigation we recommend if your learners are taking an exam via your module.

Navigation types

To go one step further: you can choose to make target opening automatic, to force your learners to look at the module's targets, whether they are in free, semi-locked or locked navigation. Here's our help article on automatic target opening: Enable automatic target opening. You should also be aware that, in the case of a SCORM export, it is possible to make navigation free in second play

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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