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Place my image or text overlay in the right place at the right time

In the chapter, you go to the OVERLAYS section, you click on "image" or "text" and you create your image or text overlay.

Then, you click on the 4 little arrows at the top right. This highlights the overlay in the edit screen and you can now:

Choose where you want to place your overlay on the screen: you can move it directly on the video

Decide when you want the incrustation to appear and disappear: you can see two arrows on the timeline that you can move to the right or to the left: the green one shows when the overlay appears and the red one shows when the overlay disappears

Resize the image/text overlay to the desired size so that it fits perfectly in your video

Once the timing, the position and the size of the overlay are right, you press the 4 little arrows again.

A little tip to place the overlay at the right time:

You watch your video
You press "pause" at the moment you want it to appear
You click on the type of overlays you want to add
Automatically, the overlay will appear at the moment you press pause again
You then click on the 4 little arrows to place the overlay in the screen
You click again on the 4 small arrows to validate the location.

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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