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Creating an audio overlay with or without recording

What is an audio overlay?

An audio overlay is the ability to place an audio track over an image or video in one of your Kumullus interactive video chapters.

This overlay can be created using an existing .mp3 file or by making a recording directly on your creation interface in the K.Air authoring tool. The overlay can be accompanied (or not) by its own visual elements.

On the one hand, you can illustrate your overlay with an illustration and a dynamic wave as follows

This tab can also be accompanied by a description as follows:

On the other hand, you can illustrate your overlay by choosing the macaron illustration which allows you to integrate an image surrounded by a dynamic wave in your module.

Creation and configuration of the overlay:

To create your audio overlay, go to your chapter in the overlay section.

Select Audio to create your overlay

A configuration popup opens and you have two options:

- Use an existing MP3 audio file, integrate it into your media library and select it by checking the In media option and clicking on Add from library.

- Record your voice directly in K.Air by checking the Record with microphone option and clicking on Record. Click on stop to stop the recording. If you are not satisfied, you can start again.

As for the design of your overlay, you have several options.

You can deselect the option Visible overlay and in this case the audio track will be launched in your chapter without illustration.

You can also select the option Visible overlay to get the illustrations shown above (Tongue or Macaroon).

In this case, you can configure the colors appearing in your animations, as well as the image and the description accompanying them. They will appear in your overlays in the following way:

Once all these parameters have been adjusted, you can save your overlay and exit the configuration popup.

Click on the arrow button to the right of your overlay's box to move its illustration on your video and reduce or enlarge its size.

Your overlay is set up!

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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