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Subtitle your module with Smartcat

How to export, translate and re-import your subtitle file with Smartcat?

Download SRT from K.Air
Go to your media library, choose the filter "subtitles" to find your file more easily and click on "download".

Import in Smartcat
Retrieve your file from the "downloads" folder on your computer and import it into Smartcat.

Translate your content in Smartcat. Here is a Smartcat tutorial to do so.

Export from Smartcat
Once done, export your file. Here is a Smartcat tutorial to do so.

Convert to .SRT
Convert your file to .SRT so you can import it into K.Air.

Import into Kumullus
Import your file into your "media library".

Add the subtitle file to the module
Click on "subtitles" then on "add subtitles" and finally on "choose from the library" to add your subtitle file to your module.

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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