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Create a game hotspot

How can you challenge your learners in an original way? How can you reward them for good results? Or how can you gamify your training courses?

Use our game hotspots!

Discover the 7 games that have made their appearance on K.Air and what they challenge your learners to do:

Klondike: the famous game of Solitaire: thinking on your feet.

Flap Cat: the remake of the famous Flappy Bird game: synchronization, rhythm, endurance, focus

Slice Fruit: the remake of the famous Fruit Ninja game: reflexes

In Orbit: a unique concept to test your precision while keeping your cool: spatial representation, aiming ability.

Angry Heroes: the remake of the famous Angry Birds game: reflexes, aiming skills

Duck Shooter: the mythical duck-shooting game brought up to date: reflexes, endurance, focus

Simon: the legendary memory game: visual and auditory memory.

Our tip: structure your training with the Pomodoro technique, a time management method based on the use of a timer to ensure 25-minute work periods, separated by short breaks. Indeed, regular breaks encourage intellectual agility, so use game hotspots to give your learners the opportunity to take a break from their training!

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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