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Create a "link" hotspot

Need to redirect your learners to a specific web page? Use the link hotspot!

Go to the list of interactive hotspots to choose the "link" hotspot.

A pop-up window opens, and you can add the link to the web page you want your learners to visit. Here, for example, we want to redirect our learners to the Kumullus website.

You can choose to "Show all content": in the case that the website you're redirecting your learners to doesn't accept to be opened in a popup, a button will appear, allowing the link to be opened in a browser, or to "Display a clickable link".

Be sure to save your hotspot!

That's it, your "link" hotspot has been created!

As with the other hotspots, you can also :

- Change the title of your hotspot
- Change your hotspot's icon
- Place it in time and space using the arrows

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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