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K.Air product info - October 20th 2023

K.Air product info - October 20th 2023

Here's this week's news on K.Air!

Hide the "redo module" button!

Now, you've got the choice! You can decide if you want to display the "redo module" button at the end of your module, or not. 💥

This option can be found in the "end of module screen" section of your module "Preferences" page.
To hide the "redo module" button, simply uncheck the option and vice versa! 💪

The "Memory" activity: adjustable number of cards!

Couldn't think of a way to get to 6 pairs of cards in your Memory activity? We've got the solution! 🥳

You can now choose how many cards you want to put in the activity, from 3 to 6 pairs. 💫

That's all for this news, see you soon on K.Air!

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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