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K.Air product info - September 22th 2023

K.Air product info - September 22th 2023

This week at Kumullus, we're all about customization!

Combining cards: let your creativity do the talking!

When creating your cards, change the text color, add a colored background or even an image!

Text overlays: revamped corners and shadows

Discover the new shadow display options in the text overlay customization menu!
We've also taken the opportunity to rework the rounded corners option, for a more harmonious display.

Ordering cards: full correction

Many of you asked for this, now it's here!
When you activate the correction display in the Order the cards activity, the learner will be able to see not only which cards were wrong, but also the order that was expected.

Subtitles: download made easy

It is now possible to download a subtitle file that has been automatically generated on K.Air and then edited or translated directly from the subtitle pop-up.

That's all for this news, see you soon on K.Air!

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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