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Kumullus News! April 8th 2024

Hi everyone, here are this week's news 😊


A great new feature for placing your hotspots and overlays!

You can now place elements on your video more intuitively and quickly thanks to two new grid magnetism options:

The first lets you align the element according to the displayed grid.
The second aligns objects (hotspots and overlays) with each other.

You'll find these options in chapter editing, on the right-hand side of the video player!

New player grid in K.Air

Export your MP3 files from K.Movie

You can now export your voice-overs and background music from K.Movie and add them to your audio overlays!

To do so, select the "MP3" option in the export formats of your K.Movie project. Once exported, your audio file will appear directly in your K.Air media library.

We're waiting for your best podcasts! 🎧

Export your project to MP3 from K.Movie

Tip of the week

Have you lengthened or shortened part of your video and need to shift your subtitles?

By ticking the relevant subtitle lines and clicking on the subtitle shift button, you can move your subtitles earlier or later in the video.

Find out more about this feature in our tutorial How to manually edit subtitles in K.Air!

Shifting subtitles in K.Air

That's all for this news, see you soon on K.Air!

Updated on: 30/04/2024

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