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K.Live: the Kumullus broadcast platform

K.Live: the Kumullus broadcast platform

To provide you with a dedicated space for visualizing your modules, we've designed K.Live.
This private and secure platform enables your audience to find the different modules you've published.
To organize them, you can create customizable playlists.

NB : Access to the K.Live option and publication on the platform are only available with an Advanced license.

In the K.Live section, you'll find only your published modules and playlists.
To create, edit and publish content for presentation on K.Live, go to the Modules section.
Your audience will only have access to the K.Live section (see below):

The K.Live option allows you to :

Publish your modules in 1 click to broadcast your interactive videos to your audience, on your private platform.
Manage your audience/learners with easy access to K.Live from the administration area.
Measure your audience's performance. Indeed, all modules published on K.Live provide detailed statistics per user (completion, visit time, quiz scores, number of additional contents viewed, etc.).

To find out how to create your own playlists, visit here.

If K.Live has caught your interest, don't hesitate to contact us via chat.

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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