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Kumullus News - March 22nd 2024

It's springtime! The sun is out so is our weekly news! 😎

Viewing the exact time of an interactive target!

To achieve perfection, every detail counts! 👀

Now you can see and adjust the appearance and disappearance times of your interactive targets and inlays more precisely. When you stretch your element to the left or right, a small window opens at timeline level to show you minute, second and milliseconds.

It appears when you change the entry or exit point! 🎯

So on your clocks, get set, go! ⏱️

Tip of the week!

To make sure your learners don't miss any targets, choose the "auto-opening" option! 🪄

This setting activates the automatic opening of the target at the end of its appearance. The learner can also open it manually by simply clicking on it.

You'll find this tip in your target's settings! 🤩

Replay of the 20th K.Pratique!

You missed our last K.Pratique... Don't worry! 🤯

To watch or re-watch the invaluable advice of your Video Learning expert, find the replay of all our K.Pratiques on our Youtube channel right here. And Thursday's right here.

All the best practices, always available! 🔥

New this week!

"I'd like to export only the audio file from my K.Movie video. Is this possible? " 🤔

Now it is! You can now choose the "MP3" option in your video export formats. Once the export is complete, your audio file will be directly in your media library.

At Kumullus, we listen to your recommendations to provide you with the best possible tool! ❤️‍🔥

Updated on: 22/03/2024

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