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Kumullus onboarding

Welcome to Kumullus! You are about to discover our authoring tool and how to use it.

This complete onboarding module, with interactive hotspots that give you access to a set of complementary tutorials, allows you to take our tool in hand step by step. It will soon have no secrets for you.

This module is structured as follows:

Chapter 1: Media Library
Discover your dedicated storage space on our platform.

Chapter 2: New Module and Settings
Create your first module and configure its framework.

Chapter 3: New Chapter
Create a new chapter and upload your first video.

Chapter 4: Hotspots Catalog
Discover all the interactive hotspots available on our platform and how to set them up in your interactive video modules.

Chapter 5: Overlays
Add images and text to your video directly in our tool.

Chapter 6: Branching Module
Give your learner the possibility to evolve in a scenarized and tree-structured module.

Chapter 7: Preview
Preview your module at any time during the creation process.

Chapter 8: SCORM Export
Create a SCORM export of your module to upload it to your LMS.

Chapter 9: Publication
Generate publication links to share your module via email, messaging, social networks... or integrate it into the code of your website!

Updated on: 31/01/2023

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