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The 3 types of creators on K.AIr

There are 3 types of creators on an organization:

Regular member

Discover the rights of each in this table:

Regular member (1 or more)Administrator (1 or more)Owner (1)
Can create modulesVVV
Can create subfolders in "my modules" / "my media"VVV
Can create subfolders in "common folders"XVV
Can copy one of its modules/media to a "common folders"XVV
Can copy a shared module/media to a "common folder"XVV
Can add creatorsXVV
Can edit creatorsXXV
Can change logo, account colorsXVV
Can change account name*XXV
Can create groups and add learners on K.LiveXVV
Can view users' private modulesXVV
Can appoint a new administratorXVV
Can revoke an administratorXXV
Can generate an API key* "XXV
Can choose who owns the account** "XXX

.* If you want to change your account name or generate an API key and you're not the owner, call us!

.** Only Kumullus can define the account owner, so don't hesitate to contact us if you want us to change the owner!

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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