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Kumullus News! May 20th 2024

Hi everyone, here are this week's news 😊

Behavior improvement: chapter preview auto play

You've asked for this, and your voice has been heard!

From now on in K.Air, when you click on the β€œplay” button in chapter editing, the preview will launch automatically.
No more double-clicking, so your mouse can take a breather πŸ˜‰

Brand new templates!

A breath of fresh air blew through three of our templates: Microlearning, Awareness and Expert! 3 formats for 3 different types of training:

The Microlearning template is designed for modules of 5 minutes maximum, and aims to anchor brief notions. ⏱️
As the name suggests, the Awareness template is designed to make learners aware of a notion and introduce practical case studies. The recommended duration is usually 15 minutes. πŸ“–
The Expert template articulates its training around a global theme, exploring several notions and practical cases. These modules are generally longer, lasting around 30 minutes, to convey more technical knowledge and allow sufficient time for evaluation. ✍️

Now all you have to do is choose your format and off you go! 🀩

The K.Pratique number 22 is coming soon!

You love video learning! 🀩 But have you thought about updating your training courses? πŸ€”

In our next K.Pratique webinar, Thomas will share all his tips and best practices to avoid the headache! From design to video editing to the interactive layer, you'll know it all!

See you on May 30th at 11:30 a.m. on our LinkedIn page!

Tip of the week!

"How can I be sure my learner isn't fast-forwarding his training video? πŸ€” "

Have we already told you about the different types of navigation? We'll explain it all to you today. ✨

When you create a module in K.Air, in its Preferences tab, you can choose between 3 types of navigation:

The default navigation is free. In this scheme, your learner can go backwards or forwards through the video and also choose which chapter to view. He has fairly free control over the module. πŸ”
Semi-locked navigation allows your learner to go back without, however, being able to advance the video. This type of navigation is practical for mandatory training courses. ↩️
Finally, with locked navigation, your learner can't move manually through the video and is obliged to follow the order of the chapters. This type of navigation is recommended for exams. ⏯️

To find out more about this topic, go to the relevant article in our helpdesk, by clicking right here

Updated on: 20/05/2024

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